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I hired Jensen as my photographer for my wedding last year.In the beginning she seemed nice, and trustworthy.

We did an engagement session first and the pictures were really good. So I booked her for my wedding. I told her exactly what I wanted what kind of shots and that I wanted two photographers there so nothing was missed! Well the day of my wedding she shows up by herself and said she didn't get the second photographer.

( Which cost me an extra $200 that I had already paid.) That was the first strike.. Second in the beginning I told her I want lots and lots of pictures with my family and the one thing I told her was very important to me is that I wanted her there for all the big moments. During my reception she didn't pay attention and we had to constantly hunt for her. I had asked for the photo booth for the reception, which she never explained that it would be her taking the pictures the whole time.

So she was zoo caught up in the photo booth she almost missed the cake cutting, and the bouquet throwing. It was so stressful. But I thought if the pictures were going to be as good as the engagement session than I would be ok. 4 weeks later when I got my copy of the pictures 99% of them were BLURRY!!!!!

Moments I can't get back, and no one took pictures of because it was her job to do it! The whole ceremony, first dance, daddy daughter dance, and mother son dance, bouquet toss, cake cutting.. All the pictures girls dream of having I don't! I think maybe 20 pictures total were clear enough to print.

Also my husband and I had our bridesmaids and groomsmen join the last half of our first dance. There were more pictures of my sister and her fiancé than of the bride and groom! (Apparently she went to high school with my now brother in law, so they knew each other. Whatever the reason there ware more pictures of them than of me and my husband.

I also have no family pictures or pictures with me and my parents at my wedding because of all the time we wasted hunting her dawn, and trying to get everything organized.

So in the end..Please please please do not waste your money on this photographer!!!

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Hi there, I am the aforementioned "worst photographer".I would normally never EVER respond to anything like this, but some clients have brought this link to my attention so I have decided to address it head on.

This particular client, who I would never have thought would post something so awful, is not telling the truth. I hate to say it. First, I shot this wedding back in 2011 when I first started my business and did not even have a co-photographer which she certainly DID NOT pay $200 for. Keep in mind, also, that this person only paid me $900 for a FULL day of wedding photography which is next to nothing nowadays.

Secondly, I made it very clear to her what the photo booth was and that I usually only do it for 30 minutes during downtime in the reception. However, guests kept coming up and I am not going to tell them "no". I was indeed rushed to catch the cake cutting and bouquet toss because I was not informed or given any sort of timeline as to when these events would be taking place. Poor planning, in my opinion.

Finally, the images given to the bride and groom were anything but subpar. In fact, I booked 3 weddings following theirs because the photos were such a hit on my site. They were not blurry; I would never give a client a product that I wouldn't want as a bride. This is the only complaint I have ever received and it hurts me deeply to hear these words, especially knowing that they are lies.

I believe this bride is upset for 2 reasons.. 1, she had me stay at her reception an extra hour, so I charged her $100 extra as any photographer would. 2, I then told her after the wedding that I had to be paid the remaining balance within 2 weeks. It was almost 2 months before I got my check in the mail after emailing, texting and calling her countless times.

She also never brought her disappointment or concerns to me like a professional and mature adult. A side note as well.. This "wedding" was not one at all. It was a ring ceremony for the Mormon couple.

They were already married and had plenty of photos from their actual wedding day.

So "all the pictures she dreamed of" were already taken by someone else, not to say there was anything wrong with mine.That is all I have to say about the matter and I hope this will not steer anyone away from my business!


Correction: I have personally booked this photographer and been nothing but satisfied.She is young; and you would never know since she is so professional.

I have had over 4 different sessions with her.

I have been satisfied with her in every one of these sessions.Her pricing is very reasonable too.


I have personally booked this photographer and been nothing but satisfied.She is young; however, I have had over 4 different sessions with her.

I have been satisfied with her in every one of these sessions.Her pricing is very reasonable too.

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